Oceano Yachts

Oceano Yachts is a company that specializes in the manufacturing, importing and distribution of motor yachts, specifically those dedicated to sport fishing and deep-sea fishing.

From beginning of year 2010, we have reached an agreement with American shipyard YELLOWFIN YACHTS, for the distribution in Spain of the major lengths of its catalogue of models. YELLOWFIN are safe, robust, powerful, trustworthy, fast, manageable boats and with a great autonomy. Awarded in multitude of occasions with prizes to the quality and that fulfill all the objectives of the most demanding fishermen.

Also, we are the exclusive importers of the prestigious STAMAS boats for Spain and Portugal. Built in Florida (USA), with a history of more than 50 years, STAMAS is at the forefront of the technology in this type of boats. The 7-year hull warranty, demonstrates the quality of these boats, which are capable of exceeding speeds of 50 knots.

As manufacturers we launch the OCEANIA YACHTS project during the year 2007, our new line OCEANIA YACHTS with models that go from the 6 to the 15 meters of length.

OCEANIA YACHTS already has an excellent acceptance and recognition in different markets like Australia, Spain, France and some countries of the Caribbean.

OCEANIA YACHTS is the result of more than 25 years experience in deep-sea fishing. All the equipment, the layout, the comfort and the attention to detail fishermen look for, are found in OCEANIA YACHTS.

OCEANIA YACHTS incorporates in their boats as standard features, new technologies of manufacturing, and equipment that in other boats of this type are optional.

By its cost, quality and equipment, OCEANIA YACHTS is your best choice... boats for fishermen, designed and manufactured by fishermen.

OCEANIA YACHTS, Spanish trade mark registered #2725348